Consurgo Departments

We hope to network with area businesses to provide a palette of tech related services which are well suited to being performed by autistic adults. We will break these areas up into applicable departments. Some of these services include:
Software Testing and Evaluation
This department will be well fitted to visual learners with some experience and/or training in software programming but who are not developers.  For testing after a program has a GUI, potential employees could be trained quickly to thoroughly and methodically test for points of failure.
Software Development
A significant number of young adults with high functioning autism exhibit strong interest in software and video games.   This department will be led by a senior software developer.  It may focus initially on cell phone and iPad apps but be prepared to branch out to whatever a contract requires.
Hardware Testing and Evaluation
Consurgo will provide electrical and mechanical testing to customer specifications.
PCB Assembly and Testing
Consurgo has a dedicated manual solder line to provide you with a source for your low volume, quick turn custom component & terminal populating requirements.  Consurgo’s staff are experts at installing a variety of electrical components and connectors to meet your every need.  Additionally, we can assist you in out sourcing your mature end of product life products requiring intermittent low volume maintenance orders.
With fast turnaround, we can handle your laborious, troublesome product parts that disrupt your high volume production lines.  Consurgo provides installation with a variety of solder materials, including RoHS compliance.
Consurgo’s processes are held to the strictest rigors of quality assurance. All products are inspected and tested to customer specifications individually before shipping to assure complete satisfaction.
Data Validation and Verification
The great attention to detail and laser-like focus of most individuals with high functioning autism gives them a distinct advantage in any area of testing, but especially data verification.  Many companies who need data checked, especially medical data, need to have it checked by multiple people and still have errors.  There is also difficulty in finding workers who can concentrate at the task and high turnover.  This department will fill that need by finding people who are just as good at checking raw numbers as words and excel at precision and accuracy.
Visual Graphics
We produce high quality graphic design emphasizing effective communication.
  • Annual Reports / publication design
  • Brochure and advertisement design & layout
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Exhibition design
  • Logo design & stationary design
  • Outreach materials and publications
  • Conference/meeting materials
  • Custom illustration services

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