Consurgo Services is a visionary company that will bring highly specialized and unique services to customers. This sustainable competitive advantage is based on the following:
  • Consurgo’s technical team has identifiable, high value and highly specialized skills.
  • Few organizations in the world possess the specialized skill sets of ASD professionals and a support structure to maximize them.
  • Consurgo will maintain strong ties to research and industry experts. 
  • Consurgo will maintain a position of flexibility that will allow the organization to adjust to customer requirements and available talent. 


Consurgo’s mission is to assist and support high functioning autistic adults in achieving their full potential by providing fulfilling employment leading to independence in their community.

This organization is located in Huntsville, Alabama, which has the highest concentration of people with Asperger’s and other autism spectrum disorders but very few services for adults on the spectrum. We hope to provide employment for many of these people and guide and support others in their careers.

Basically, we are a non-profit who’s goal is helping those with high functioning autism find and keep jobs appropriate to their full skills with all the workplace training, accommodation, and support they need.

Consurgo Services Incorporated (Consurgo), a non-profit corporation, was organized to serve as a training and employment organization for individuals diagnosed with high functioning autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Founded in 2013 by a small group of individuals from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, Consurgo’s founders share a common interest and passion for creating a work environment in which individuals with ASD will thrive.


Our Core Values are:

Excellence:  Superior quality of services delivered in a timely fashion is our hallmark.  Consurgo hires those who excel at their work, regardless of other challenges.

Social Responsibility: We believe the value of each human being is inherent, incalculable and independent of that individual’s behavior, diagnosis, or ability.

Transparency:  Consurgo makes its financial status open to all staff and employees, thus ensuring commitment to efficient processes and cost reduction.





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