Consurgo’s Mission

In January 2013, David Cantrell of Toney, Alabama, dreamed of helping others like himself – a highly-functioning individual on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   He founded Consurgo Services, Inc. together with several other concerned professionals. We have leaders skilled in Graphic Design, Writing, Computer Programming, 3D modeling, Career/Job Coaching, and Physiology.


Consurgo’s founders share a common interest and passion for creating a work environment in which adults with ASD will thrive.  Each was either a highly-functioning ASD professional or a family member of someone diagnosed with ASD.  Each founder also had seen or experienced the lack of services and support structure available to them as adults.


The mission of Consurgo then became, therefore, to aid highly functioning ASD adults to find meaningful employment by providing high tech job training, placement, and support for them.  We are staffed by professionals in each area of expertise that offer training and support. We provide a work environment that suits the specialized needs of the ASD employee or we work with employers to see that they do so, and we connect our trained employees with hiring situations as appropriate.

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