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Consurgo believes that individuals with Autism Syndrome Disorder(ASD) have immeasurable value and more to offer the world than they generally have opportunity to demonstrate. It is estimated that 90% of adults with ASD are unemployed. Those that do find employment are typically underemployed, able only to find menial jobs. The number of individuals diagnosed with ASDs is outpacing current support efforts. Alabama saw a 517 percent increase in Autism Spectrum Disorder cases in residents aged 3 to 21 from the year 2000 to 2010, which was ahead of the national increase of 448 percent. Nationwide, one in 88 children have autism.1 Nearly 2% of all males born since 1995 have some form of autism.

The number of individuals with ASD entering the workforce is exploding. Within the next 10 years, more than 500,000 children with autism will reach adulthood. Of those who are already adults, one in 3 have no paid job experience, college or technical schooling seven years after high school graduation. These individuals represent a vast untapped resource of valuable and unique skills. Consurgo will leverage their unique competencies (attention to detail, skill at finding imperfections, and ability to thrive on predictable, monotonous work) to provide competitively-priced technical services to area companies. Some of these positions are on-site with the customer while others are remote at Consurgo facilities. These opportunities are real careers with competitive salaries based on specialized skills, not menial tasks with minimum wage.

We feel that the image to the left represents the opposite of what we are trying to achieve in the way of jobs for autistic people. However, this image represents the type of work that that is the only option for many autistic adults. Consurgo works to focus on jobs that we feel will be meaningful and fulfilling for people on the spectrum.  These jobs will lead to higher self-esteem and community participation for a class of people who are excluded from many work places.



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