Date:August 12, 2013

Jobs and training

Recognizing the high functionality of the ASD individual, Consurgo Services has a variety of tech-related services which are ideally suited for autistic adults:


• Programming

• Software debugging

• Video editing/production

• Video game design

• Quality control

• Data checking

• Writing

• Repair technicians

• Graphic design


Further, we offer a facility where the ASD individual can learn, train and work in an environment that is specifically suited to his or her needs. Unlike most businesses in the private sector, we offer a workplace where lighting, sound, temperature, etc. can be tailored to the individual’s preference.  We understand that this enhances performance for those with ASD, and it is one of our most important aspects.


Training and job placement are led by a team of industry professionals in each area who will offer individualized attention and instruction as well as follow-up.  They will also coordinate with other industry professionals to keep abreast of current marketplace trends and industry needs, assuring that Consurgo is always on point.

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