Graphic Design and Editing

Here is a portfolio of images that were designed or edited by Consurgo Services.

  • Annual Reports / publication design
  • Brochure and advertisement design & layout
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Exhibition design
  • Logo design & stationery design
  • Outreach materials and publications
  • Conference/meeting materials
  • Custom illustration services


Graphic Design Portfolio

Our mission

Consurgo was founded in January 2013, by a group of highly-functioning individuals on the Autism Spe
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Jobs and training

Recognizing the high functionality of the ASD individual, Consurgo Services has a variety of tech-re
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Get involved

Consurgo Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 and, therefore, still in its st
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Business services

Consurgo Services, Inc. offers a workforce of ASD professionals that are uniquely qualified to serve
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